Build & Run

Build & Run?

The 'Build & Run' in the context of DevOps methodology focuses on automating the process of building and deploying applications. This includes compiling code into an executable version, automated testing to detect errors and quality issues, and deploying this version to production environments. Teams can use tools such as Jenkins, TravisCI, or GitLabCI to automate the build process and perform continuous testing. Deployment tools such as Ansible, Puppet, or Chef can be used to automate deployment to production environments. These steps also facilitate better collaboration between development and operations teams, as all steps of the process are automated and standardized. This ensures that applications are deployed consistently and reliably, which can reduce downtime and improve the quality of the final product. Therefore, teams can speed up time to market, improve product quality, and ensure better stability of applications. That's why 'Build & Run' is considered a key element for organizations that adopt a DevOps approach.


We use automation in our DevOps team to accelerate software development and delivery processes. Automation allows us to minimize human errors and ensure software quality by using scripts and tools to perform repetitive and complex tasks. Furthermore, automation facilitates collaboration among different team members and enables faster production releases of software.

L’intégration continue

Notre équipe utilise l'intégration continue (CI) pour améliorer la qualité du code et accélérer le temps de déploiement dans un contexte DevOps. En effectuant des tests automatisés sur chaque modification apportée au code, nous pouvons rapidement détecter et corriger les erreurs avant qu'elles ne causent des problèmes sur les environnements de production.

Le déploiement continue

Notre équipe adopte une approche de déploiement continu pour garantir une livraison rapide et fiable de nouvelles fonctionnalités en respectant les normes de sécurité. En intégrant les tests automatisés et la vérification de la sécurité dans notre processus de déploiement, nous pouvons rapidement déployer des applications et des mises à jour en toute confiance.


Notre équipe utilise des outils puissants pour la télémétrie et ainsi obtenir une compréhension en temps réel de la performance et de la santé de vos applications et de vos systèmes. Nous collectons des données sur les erreurs, les temps de réponse, les performances et d'autres indicateurs clés pour aider à surveiller la qualité de vos applications.

Developer Tools

Our team uses tools such as Git for version control, Jenkins for build and deployment automation, as well as sprint planning tools to manage tasks and projects. In terms of cyber security, we use security scanners and firewalls to prevent and detect attacks.
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Our Build Services

Join the DevOps revolution with Build & Run. This end-to-end automated process will transform your way of building and deploying your applications. With continuous integration and automated testing, you can ensure higher code quality and faster delivery.

Setting up CI

Your team can benefit from the advantages of CI, such as faster and more reliable deployments, better code quality, and reduced errors, by trusting us to set up CI for your business.

Setting up CD

Your team wants to improve developer efficiency by allowing them to focus on writing quality code? We can help you set up a continuous deployment process to speed up development and deployment cycles.

DevOps Advice and Monitoring

You want to optimize your development and deployment process? Our DevOps expert team is there to accompany you at every step. With our custom advice, you can deploy your applications faster and more efficiently.

Setting up Telemetry and Alerts

Your team needs complete visibility into the performance of your infrastructure to make the right decisions in real-time. With our telemetry solution, you can monitor key metrics of your applications and systems in real-time. Customizable alerts will allow you to be immediately informed in case of a problem, for increased responsiveness.

Process Automation

You want to improve the quality of your services and increase customer satisfaction? Process automation is the key to achieving this. We can help you define the processes to automate, integrate them into your existing system, and monitor the results to ensure optimal performance.