Cloud Infrastructure and Application Audit

Cloud Infrastructure and Application Audit

A Cloud Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Application Audit is an exhaustive verification process that assesses the security and compliance of systems, networks, and applications hosted in the Cloud. It involves reviewing the security controls in place, security policies and procedures, as well as the configuration of systems and networks to determine potential security risks to information. The goal of this audit is to provide a comprehensive risk assessment and provide recommendations to improve security and compliance in a Cloud environment.

Why audit your infrastructure?

Need an outside perspective to optimize your IT infrastructure architecture? Our DevOps teams perform audit and advisory missions to provide you with actionable recommendations.
Identify your weaknesses
As a client, the security of your business is our absolute priority. That is why we conduct security audits to identify the weaknesses of your infrastructure and implement the necessary security measures to protect your data and systems against cyberattacks. By entrusting the security of your business to our experienced team, you can be sure that your data and systems are in good hands.
Evaluate the efficiency of your processes and tools
We offer audits to evaluate the efficiency of your processes and tools and provide you with recommendations to improve your infrastructure. Trust our team to support you in the success of your business through a strong and secure infrastructure. We are here to help you achieve your goals.
Identify opportunities for automation and cost and process optimization
We offer infrastructure audits to identify automation and streamlining opportunities. Through these audits, we provide recommendations to improve your profitability and meet your goals. Automation of processes is a key issue for companies looking to improve their productivity and profitability.
We assess the compliance of your infrastructure with current standards and regulations
We propose compliance assessments of your infrastructure to evaluate its adherence to current standards and regulations. This is crucial for the security and sustainability of your business, as non-compliance could result in penalties and financial losses. Our assessments help you avoid these potential consequences by ensuring your infrastructure is in compliance with current standards.
We help prepare your organization for a more advanced DevOps approach
Don't let cyber security hold you back from success. Trust our team to help you achieve your goals with a secure infrastructure ready for DevOps adoption. Join the ranks of innovative and thriving businesses that have chosen the DevOps approach. We are here to help you get there.
Keep your infrastructure costs under control
As a DevOps team, we are aware that infrastructure costs can quickly skyrocket if they are not properly monitored and controlled. We also make sure that resources are used effectively by making regular adjustments to optimize performance.
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Our audit services

Adopt our security audits for peace of mind in knowing that you are protected against constantly evolving cyber threats. With the help of industry experts, you can be assured that you have the best practices and cutting-edge technologies in place to secure your business.

Cybersecurity Audit

Want to ensure the security of your business and sensitive data? Let's work together and implement a security audit. This audit will provide you with a comprehensive view of the security of your business and allow you to verify that your security measures are effective.

Cloud Audit

Do you want to move to the Cloud. Our experts will conduct a thorough review of your infrastructure to assess your Cloud computing needs and plan a safe and efficient migration with you. We can also identify opportunities for optimization and cost reduction.

Kubernetes Audit

Do you want to securely accelerate the deployment of your microservices while ensuring the security of your data? By auditing your Kubernetes cluster you can be assured of automated, secure and efficient deployment processes. You will also be able to dynamically adapt your needs and save on your infrastructure costs.

DevOps Audit

Do you want to accelerate the development of your business by integrating DevOps methodologies? The DevOps approach enables you to implement a more efficient development and deployment process and reduce the time to market for your products and services.

Application Audit

Do you want to secure your applications? We implement reliable application audits to help you protect your sensitive data. Our team of security experts provides a deep analysis of your applications to ensure they are secure. We use tools to identify vulnerabilities so you can take necessary measures to correct them.